Anna Stavenskaya


I love touring around Chiand Mai. Having the opportunity to visit beautiful places which are not common to other foreigners greatly motivates me. In the few next posts I’m going to write about uncommon places I visited for the first time and loved the experience. Usually I don't see many (or any) foreigners there, so I guess it should be interesting for explorers to check it out;).

So, first, Rice Life Café. It is an elegant café which is situated outside the city, and was my favorite place for work for many months. You literally feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, relaxed in a strategic position next to a rice field so you actually can see how people work in the field while you have your great cup of coffee. The place is very silent and peaceful. They have competent and hospitable staff and had marked my preferences. Moreover, they have good taste in music. I lastly listened to the following: youtube.

Their prices are relatively low, with a cup of coffee costing around 60-100 thb, and a delicious ice cream scoop for just 30 thb. Although I am not coffee maniac and I cannot say about the quality, but I enjoyed it. The coffee and the environment looks great, all-clean and stylish. You have the freedom to walk around and enjoy rice field, elephant statues, fountain and traditional thai-style buildings. In one of the buildings next to the cafe I noticed some events going on. I guess they have facilities for events and meetings.

However, it’s not an ideal place to work from since there’s only two high tables inside and only one power socket outside. But it’s good for one or two workers for a few hours. Anyway, It is an attractive place to visit and easily accessible if you want to explore new destinations. On the way to the café, there is also a colorful village which I really enjoyed.

Nevertheless, they have the best internet in the city. The speed is 70 mbps download, and 40 mbps upload. Interesting? So, the working hours is 8.30am to 6.00pm.

Location: บ้านมอญ หมู่ ๑ ซอย ๖ Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai (At the end of the small road before Ban Mon School).

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