Anna Stavenskaya

More great news! My second personal exhibition at Google Moscow starts next month. My previous show was a portrait exhibition; this show features concert photos. In 25 shots I will show popular Russian and International bands from their performances in St. Petersburg. Bands being featured include Skunk Anansie, Blur, Bebe, Scooter, Garbage, Red Snapper, Maroon 5, Splean, Dima Bilan, Bi-2, Apocalyptica, Mummy Troll, Papa Roach, 30 Seconds to Mars and more.

Being a concert photographer is one of the greatest jobs in the world. It is an incredible feeling to be capturing from the space between the fans, and the performers. You feel the energy from the stage, energy from the hall, and the energy from the best photographers working hard to get the right shot. It's an energetic tornado, more exhilirating than ten cups of coffee! I love the challenge of keeping up with the changing light to ensure a quality photo. Or even just trying to keep up with the musicians as they’re jumping and running and shaking and screaming to the audience. I also have to stay in time to the music because the best moves, light, and expression are during certain parts of the song. I sometimes only have one-tenth of a second to make the right shot. And all of this while trying to keep in mind other photographers, to not disturb their work and to not let them disturb my camera-stage connection. And for a good variety of photos, multiple lenses need to be employed, with fast lens changes a necessity. It’s hard to explain everything, but it is a wonderful feeling to say the least.

In this exhibition I want to show not just pictures, but the details behind a photo. I want the viewer to be able to feel how it was to take each shot, the style of music, the quality of the lighting on the stage, the tempo of the performance, everything.

As before, all the photos are for sale by auction.