Anna Stavenskaya

Great news! My photos will be exhibited at Google's office in Moscow from January 19th till February 18th. There will be 25 portraits displayed that I have shot over the last two years. Most of the photos are of random people I've met, friends or clients. The collections' story isn’t about famous faces, but about the atmosphere that every person brings to a photo. Very similar light and equipment were used for all of the shoots, but each photo is unique and unbelievably different because of the people and their emotions, and how they perceived the camera.

All of the photos exhibited are for sale, through a small auction, for the duration of the exhibit. All of the portraits sold will come framed and mounted. You can bid through the website: (closed already).

Why an auction? Because all of the earnings from the sales will be donated to charity.

Since the Google office is not open to everyone please write to me before visiting.

Thanks and enjoy!